For many organisations having Solar PV keeps overheads down as energy consumption happens at the same time as electricity generation by the PV system - during the day. We often work as specialist Solar Electrical contractors within a wider framework of organisations delivering a project. But we can also lead on projects with in-house management to complete installs, hiring specialist contractors like roofing or groundworks teams if need be.

Types of Projects


We were specialist electrical installers for projects carried out at Welsh Government offices in Llandudno and Merthyr Tydffil. Working together with our roofing partners, Ecogen, we installed a total of 200kWp of panels and 5 inverters with associated metal-work fabrication. It was a sensitive site to work at with multiple stakeholders including Mitie, Solar GB and the Welsh civil service.


A new industrial space called BLOQS dedicated to makers and fabricators wanted to reduce their power costs, and won a grant to put Solar PV on their large roof. We sourced our roofing partners and were the principle electricians with the install. This project was so successful that the system will have paid for itself within 18 months and is saving BLOQS several thousand pounds a month.

Public Sector

We have installed at schools and government buildings – at Abingdon School a new ‘thin film’ solar PV technology from Solivus was used for their new 6th Form block. Abindgon school wanted to move to a greener way of operating and we helped with the electrical installation of their project. Many Public Sector institutions are rapidly moving to a more sustainable footing and updating building stock to modern standards is a big step towards achieving this.

Diverse and segmented

Some projects might have multiple buildings with different parameters. We are currently leading on installing a solar farm to supply a mini-grid to 3 middle-large sized dwellings, 2 small cottages, a big manor house, suite of offices and a leisure facility with pool. The client wants to be as off-grid as possible so will incorporate extensive battery systems and the whole project will be in essence a mini-grid.

Special projects

Although our primary work is in Solar we also cover other electrical work in the renewable energy and sustainability field. As fully qualified and experienced electricians we can turn our hand to different projects.


Seabound is an ambitious London based start-up whose aim is to reduce CO2 emissions from ‘container shipping’ by capturing it from the ship’s exhaust. We worked as electrical contractors to install their sensor and control hub and their power infrastructure. The complex and integrate hardware is all housed in shipping containers so that a modular system can be installed on any ship.

Community Fridge

Eco-fridge is a scheme to help a community-led vegetable co-operative project. They needed refrigeration to boost their activity but wanted to be as sustainable as possible. A Solar PV system powering their fridge was the answer, we designed and installed the system bearing in mind their specific needs.