Bespoke Clean Energy

We design, supply and install Solar PV systems and clean technology products.


We offer a turn-key service for quality domestic Solar PV installations. Fully in-house and no sub-contracting, we can design, supply and install a bespoke system specific to your needs and property. Accredited installers for major brands such as Solar Edge and MyEnergi and of course MCS and RECC certified.

Maybe you need a battery added, a repair carried out or to increase the size of an existing system? We can help with all this – just get in touch.

Solar PV

Solar PV has come a long way and is arguably the cheapest way to consume electricity. Generate your own power to save money, help the planet and get energy security. We can design, supply and install systems of all sizes.

Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries help you use more of the energy you generate meaning less buying from the Grid. We can retrofit batteries to existing Solar PV installations or supply with a new PV system.

Energy Control + EVCs

Divert your home-made energy to supply an Electric Vehicle or immersion heater  – all controlled using an app. We fit both EV chargers and home energy management systems.


Commercial Solar PV installations tend to be larger in size and are non-domestic. Typically more complex than an average domestic install with more to consider and multiple contractors. We can work both as specialist solar electrical contractors for schemes with many organisations, or lead with our own in-house team and external partners to install for the project directly. We’ve installed at offices, warehouses and public sector buildings.

Accreditations and Clients


Southampton Home

Ali and Ian wanted to maximise their energy self-sreliance using a solar PV system as they use quite a lot of power. We design and installed a 4kWp system (8 panels) with a GivEnergy inverter and 5kWh battery. The inverter and battery were sited in the loft with a additional smoke alarms. We modelled that they would XXX% self sufficient after the install, with payback of XXX years.

Welsh Government Office

We have installed at 2 Welsh Government office sites with a total XXXkWp and 5 inverters. This was a commercial project with several organisations involved at  sensitive sites with high secruity., We were the specialist solar electricians installing everything else accept the panel installation, with metal fabrication, solar and commercial electrics required. (improving eco credentials? save power)

Power Management System

Vince already had a MyEnergi Zappi EV charger for his electric car, but wanted to use Solar PV on his roof to make power for the whole house and then control how this power is used. We designed a XXXXkWP system with 16 panels, 5kW Libbi hybrid inverter and 5kWh battery. Using the MyEnergi system Vince can control charging his car, heating his water and powering the house at different times, balancing his power use and increasing self-sufficiency, all from his phone.

Solar Battery

Using solar batteries allows you to store power made by your Solar PV to use later, this makes sense for many homes where peak demand is often in the evening. In other words, make power during the day and use it at night. Our client John already had a solar PV system and EV charger but wanted to save the power that, as he said, ‘he was almost giving away to the grid’. He wanted a Libbi inverter and 5kWh battery to complement his MyEnergi system. We installed the new battery in such a way that it could be expanded in the future if need be.

The team

Jody Kingzett

Jody is a qualified electrician and director of Kingzett & Lowman.  Jody has been involved with Solar PV and renewables for over 20 years and recently started doing installations. He works on all aspects of the business.

Huf Lowman

Huf is a qualified electrician and director of Kingzett & Lowman. He has been working in Solar PV installation for over 13 years and has a real depth of technical knowledge and know-how. Huf is the technical lead and also works on other aspects of the business.


Domestic Solar System

Ali and Ian – domestic customer

“Huf and Jody really helped us with the whole process of getting Solar PV installed. They explained all the pros and cons and when it came to installing they were careful and courteous… and our system looks great. There were issues from the manufacturer of one of our products but Huf sorted it all out. Honest Johns!”

Commercial partner

Ben Ingham – EcoGen Energy

“I’ve been working with Huf for a long time and have found it very easy to work with Kingzett & Lowman. They’ve helped us out on many important projects and have been great at problem solving and working with other stakeholders. “


What is Solar PV? How does it work?

Solar PV stands for Solar Photovoltaic, or solar electric, electricity made from light via solar cells. Solar cells are silicon wafers with added ingredients which are able to take energy from daylight and excite electrons enough to create electricity.  More information can be found here.

How much does Solar PV cost?

Solar PV systems costs vary depending on the size, spec and complexity of install, but a good way to think about it is an equivalence to a new kitchen. Rough ball park figure for an average system would be £7200 – and or about £2000 per kWp installed.